Michael Thompson's Australian Storm Chase Busts (Some of...)

Most chases do not turn up exciting storms. I have chased more then once and not even bothered to waste film. Below are some pics and short captions of a few bust chases, but ones that none the less yielded an interesting photo or two.

12th September 2003
After an afternoon chasing, near sunset you are still 150 kms from an isolated storm - note the strong shear.

9th November 2003 - the long straight road to.........a weak pulse shower.

27th October 1997 - A chase that ended at Picton on the south west outskirts of Sydney. I thought these little downbursts were rather harmless until I read Michael Bath's and Jimmy Deguara's account of this storm, they were chasing about 40 kms to the north of me. Click here to read Michael's and Jimmy's chase story.

November 1997. Dorrigo, North Coast Ranges, NSW. All anvil and very little else.

November 1997 - Maclean, North Coast, NSW. A spectacular gust front moves through, bringing...............very little of anything actually.

February 1998 - Albion Park, Illawarra. With an anvil like that you think you could not lose. Thirty minutes later there was nothing left to chase.


Last Update 24th February 1998