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2012 Chase Reports

18th January 2012
- Small but lightning intense storm, possible LP Supercell

19th February 2012
- Severe storm, Southern Highlands, NSW

1st April 2012 - Small but heavy fall of hail, Penrose, NSW

5th and 6th June 2012
- East Coast Low
chase 2011
 22nd January 2011 - Severe storm, Goulburn, NSW

17th February 2011 - Colourful storm and lightning

21st March 2011 - Flash Floods Illawarra -  250mm of rain in 6 hours

8th November 2011
- Local Chase, weak but photogenic storm

29th November 2011 - Supercells, Bathurst / Pakes, NSW

1st Janaury 2010 - Sorm with nice structure, Illawarra, NSW

16th January 2010 - Severe storm, Tarago, NSW

28th January 2010 - Video of close lightning, Southern Highlands

28th February 2010 - Storms, Illawarra Coast

28th March 2010 - Borderline Hailstorm, Southern Highlands, NSW

8th November 2010 - SW Slopes dissapointment. NSW

10th November 2010 - Weak storm, Gerringong, NSW

18th November 2010 - Pretty Sunset Storm, Campbelltown, NSW

26th November 2010 - Close lightning and flash flooding, Southern Highlands, NSW

18th and 19th December 2010 - Coastal storms, nice structure

26th December 2010 - Non severe storm, but evidence of shear

23rd September 2009 - Dust Storm, Eastern Australia

5th October 2009 - Dapto hailstorm

1st November 2009 - Non severe storm, Bungendore, NSW

26th November 2009 - Severe storm, Goulburn, NSW
2008 chases

12th January 2008 - Nice lightning, Goulburn NSW

13th January 2008 - High based storm - SW Sydney to Warilla

31st January 2008 - Severe storm Illawarra and SW Sydney

7th April 2008 - Funnel Cloud and Waterspout, Wollongong

10th August 2008
- Snow Chase

20th November 2008 - Hunter Valley chase

18th December 2008 - Brief severe storm, Wollongong, NSW

27th December 2008 - Interesting cloud tags, Robertson, NSW
2007 chase Reports

3rd February 2007 - Non Severe storm , Southern Highlands, NSW

12th February 2007 - Southern Highlands to Illawarra, possible funnell cloud and small hail

24th February 2007 - Lightning Barrage, Southern Tablelands, NSW

22nd May 2007 - Hill City, Kansas, Tornadic Supercell

23rd May 2007 - Lipscomb County, Texas, HP Supercell

17th November 2007 - Colourful storm - Southern Highlands, NSW

18th November 2007 - Severe flash flooding storm - Collector, NSW

6th January 2006 - Severe storm, Goulburn, NSW

13th November 2006 - Severe storms, Hunter, NSW

15th November 2006 - A supercell bust - Maryborough and SE Queensland

27th November 2006 - Hail near Glen Innes, Northern Tablelands, NSW

29th December 2006 - Small but heavy hailstorm near Braidwood

25th November - 2nd December 2005 - Eight days of storms from Central, NSW to tropical Queensland.

21st November 2005 - Weak Pulse storms - Dunedoo - Coolah

21st October 2005 - Very weak storm with nice rainbow.

22nd January 2005 - Hailstorm, Southern Highlands, NSW


8th December 2004 - Day 3 of Central, NSW storm tour - supercell at Nyngan.

7th December 2004 - Day 2 of Central NSW storm tour.

6th December 2004- Day 1 of Central, NSW storm tour.

5th December 2004 - Non Severe storm - Southern Highlands, NSW

5th September 2004 - Waterspouts off the Illawarra coastline.

15th March 2004 - Severe coastal Illawarra storm

Several storms - several days - a pictorial 23rd Jan - 2nd Feb 2004

21st Janaury 2004 - Lightning show

4th January 2004 - Lightning show from non-severe storm


2nd December 2003 - Rain monsters in the Riverina

22nd November 2003 - Suspected supercell, Sw slopes, NSW.

21st November 2003 - A weak Bow echo on the SW slopes.

25th October 2003 - Gorillas in the mist chase - Southern Highlands.

15th March 2003 - Severe storm, Lake Bathurst, Southern Highlands, NSW

8th March 2003 - Severe storm, Illawarra

11th February 2003 - Non severe storm, Southern Tablelands, ACT/NSW

15th February 2003 - Severe storm, Mittagong, Southern Highlands,NSW

8th February 2002

27th December 2002- Severe storm, Southern Highlands, NSW

10th December 2002 - Severe squall line, NE NSW.

13th October 2002 - Non severe storms, Southern Highlands, NSW

3rd August 2002 -First chase of the new season.

29th March 2002 - Localised flash flooding

8th February 2002 - Severe Storms in Illawarra.

24th November 2001 - How I missed a Supercell.

19th November 2001 - Non severe storms - Glen Innes to Coffs Harbour.

18th November - Widespread severe storms, NSW - Illawarra to Glen Innes

11th November 2001 - Non severe storms, South Coast, NSW

2nd October 2001 - Late evening / night chase in Illawarra.

26th August 2001 - Non severe, but small hail from squall line.

22nd April 2001 - Funnel cloud near Wagga.

28th February 2001 - Severe squall line. Illawarra and Sydney.

4th February 2001 - Severe storms, souther highlands, Picton and Appin.

4th January 2001 - Non severe storm over Southern Highlands.


Thunder Downunder 25th November - 1st December 2000

23rd / 24th August 2000-Cold air cells give small hail

21st April 2000 - Severe Hailstorm, South Coast, NSW

9th March 2000 - Isolated severe storm - Southern Highlands

28th December 1999 - Severe storms ( heavy rain ) - Southern Highlands

9th December 1999 - Squall lines / heavy rain, Southern Highlands

1st - 7th December - 1999 Storm Chase Tour.

22nd September - Brilliant mammatus in wake of severe storm.

14th April 1999 - Genesis of the Sydney Supercell Hailstorm.

13th March 1999 - Picton and Southern Highlands, NSW.

12th March 1999 - Southern Highlands, NSW.


11th -14th December 1998 - Four storms ( and chases ) in four days.

30th November 1998 - Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

13th November 1998 - Southern Illawarra and Sydney
Severe Storms

September - October 1998 - Storm Chase Tour of Northern Tablelands.

10th July 1998 - Snow chase.

August 1998 - Flash Floods deliver up to 500mm of rain

20th January 1998- SW outskirts of Sydney





The long road to.........no where



Storm chasing in Australia is not as predictable nor as productive as in the USA mid-west. Lack of moisture depth is a constant problem, however Australia is no stranger to supercell storms, but tornadoes are very rare. Chasing Australian storms is made more difficult as there is very little in way of technical resources and support to rely upon and you chase on what your eyes tell you. The road network is poor by mid-west standards and there are large areas of country that are simply inaccessible. My chase reports mostly feature storms that would keep most US chasers in bed, but I will chase anything, anywhere, anytime !


I am 55 years old and have been storm chasing and snow chasing since getting my car licence back in 1976. Back then supercells, wall clouds and inflow bands were unheard terms of in Australia. In fact I chased for hail, flash flooding and lightning shows rather than tornadoes, wall clouds or funnels.What is snow chasing? - when you live in an area where you can grow bananas in your garden and snow has never fallen since white settlement, even a drive up onto the southern tablelands hunting that elusive freak fall is a thrill. 

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