Michael Thompson's Australian Storm Chase Diary
21st October 2005 - Very Weak storm, Kiama, NSW

The highlight was a brilliant rainbow
Looks better than what it really is
The highlight of the day was a brillaint rainbow
In isolation some of the storm features could be passed off for something they were definately not.

The new chase season has had a very start. There has been storm, including suspected supercell in other parts of the state, but closer to home the season has been close to non-existant.

The 21st October promised the chance of weak storms, and delivered only just that. A weak trough system was combined with rather dry surface conditions, constricting storms to the coast. A weak storm developed about 4pm near Nowra. I followed thgis storm to Kiama where it fell apart offshore. There were reports of hail at Gerringong, but I did not experience any.

The highlight was a brilliant rainbow.

Later that night another weak storm gave some isolated lightning, but even this storm done its best to thwart any picture taking by persistant light rain from the decaying and moving away storm.

Lightning, taken from inside the car
Storm is now decaying rapidly
With persistant rain, I was forced to take photos from inside the car.
The storm is now decaying rapidly
A 3D rainbow Storm is very weak now
This rainbow has an almost 3D quality about it.
Yet another rainbow - and look how weak that storm is now !