Michael Thompson's Australian Storm Chase Diary
3rd February 2007 - Non severe storm-Southern Highlands, NSW

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Early convection was very crisp
Early convection west of Moss Vale
Crisp convection near Berrima

Early convection west of Moss Vale

The 3rd February was one of those surprise days. The initial forecasts were nothing to get excited about, nor was wind shear. However moisture from a NE sea breeze was expected to intrude just a little inland, enough perhaps to overcome the drier environment NW winds. The initial convection near Berrima was quite surprising. Watching the rapidly evolving congestus from Bundanoon I met up with fellow storm chaser PingTang from Nowra.

When it looked like the cell neat Berrima was getting organised we moved northwards towards it.

We watched the rainfree base for near 30 minutes. The only disapointment was the lack of lightning, there was some CG's (cloud to ground) bolts, but they were few and far between.

However th real surprise was that after the storm weakened and looked over, I encountered hail. It was large hail, but it was close to 2cm.
Rain free base just west of Berrima
The rain free base tightens up
A low rainfree base on the seabreeze convergence

As rain start to fall the rain free base tightens

Hail near Berrima
Surprise hail fall near Berrima