5th October 2009 - Storm over Dapto, NSW

This storm caused damage to homes in Dapto and Horsley  from the sheer volume of small hail. While I do not have actual hail footage there links at base of page to clips and an excellent slideshow.

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Mount Warrigal

At this early stage the storm is non-severe, however obvious development was taking my interest .

Mount Warrigal

A closer look at the growth point.
Mount Warrigal
Torrential rain has just started to fall from that developed base. I head further north.
Lake Illawarra
We are looking across Lake Illawarra in the general direction of Dapto. if you watch the video clip above you will have heard me mention possible hail. I did not know at the time it was practically  like snow, so deep was it.

Other links to this day show the full extent of the hail.

Other YouTube clips:



A slideshow from a local Newspaper - Some of these pictures are quite spectacular.


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