Funnel cloud near Wagga -22nd April 2001
Shane Astridge

To put it mildly I'm absolutely stoked about seeing my first (hopefully) funnel cloud. It occurred on the 22nd of April from 11.45am for about 10 or 15 minutes, about 10km North of Wagga traveling in roughly a southerly direction. I'm pretty sure it was rotating clockwise (from above) and had two very distinct 'shells' comprising the cone (outer) and condensation funnel (inner) the later of which didn't really show up too well on the photo. The camera used was not brilliant. It was not a thunderstorm at this stage but turned into one about 15 min later over Wagga. There was no obvious rotation in the storm except for the part which protruded from the base of the cloud, which resembled a wall cloud and dissipated along with the funnel while I watched it. I couldn't see if it touched the ground or not and was too excited to even think of getting closer as I was only about 5km away.


Michael Thompson - It is interesting to note that the times match pretty well with Robert Goler's report, was it the same funnel ?? Robert has an excellent summary of conditions that day, including maps.



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