Thunder Downunder Storm Chase 2000 - 25th November to 2nd December 2000

Thunder Downunder 2000 ( TDU2K ) was the third in an annual series of chases, and in the opinion of most participants the most successful. I was able to chase for a week and only the return home day was a bust. The following is my diary of the event.

Day 3, 27th November 2000 - Narrabri to Glen Innes, 400km, Severe multicell storm.
Day 4, 28th November 2000 - Glen Innes to Gunnedah, 387km, Severe microburst from multicell storms.
Day 5, 29th November 2000 - Gunnedah to Gunnedah, 250kms, Severe storms widespread throughout eastern New South Wales. We encountered a severe multicell near Gunnedah.
Day 6, 30th November 2000 - Gunnedah to Gunnedah, 350 kms, Two non-severe storms.
Day 7, 1st December 2000 - Gunnedah to Hastings Point, 579kms, One weak storm, close to a severe storm.

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