Cirrus ( Ci ), Cirrocumulus ( Cc ), Cirrostratus ( Cs )

Cirrus Uncinus ( mares tails ) thickening to cirrostratus. ( Lake Illawarra, NSW )

Shellharbour, NSW

Cirrostratus ( Fibrus ) ( Yamba, NSW )

Cirrocumulus ( Undulatus ). This undulatus layer was above a layer of Cirrostratus, it was not even visible until lit up a full 15 mins after sunset. ( lake Illawarra, NSW )

Cirrocumulus - true cirrocumulus is very rare, a field this size is exceptional.

A bit of everything here, to the right of the contrail is a small patch of Cirrocumulus. To the left, some cirrus. At the lowest level is stratocumulus.( Lake Illawarra, NSW )

Cirrocumulus. ( Lake Illawarra, NSW )

Cirrus flowing out of Cumulonimbus. Also know as ' orphaned anvils ' ( Yamba, NSW )

Cirrus thickening to Cirrostratus, Wollongong, NSW

Cirrocumulus ( floccus )