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A very active line of storms developed  mid afternoon about 400kms ( 300 miles ) west of Sydney and moved rapidly eastwards. I did not think that the line would last the trip over the Blue Mountains ( Great Divide ), but I was pr oven wrong. Not wanting to risk storms not making the coastline I initially headed west to the foothills of the Blue Mountains - here a 59 second exposure at Picton, NSW shows how intense the lightning was.

Picton, NSW

The line gets closer, but it starts to rain lightly.


About now I am hit by outflow winds  making picture taking difficult. Picton, NSW
With the outflow winds, came more rain, I am no longer confident holding an umbrella over the camera - I begin the feel like a lightning conductor. I retreat eastwards.
Picton, NSW
The rain moves eastwards quicker than I anticipate, I do not get to dry ground until I am back on the coast near home - Warilla Beach, NSW Warilla Beach
By now the storms have weakened considerably Warilla Beach
Although now infrequent, lightning can be seen in almost every direction - Windang Island, NSW Windang Island
In what has been a all too repeated scenario this part 12 months, the storms have died after moving over the ocean. One last picture before calling it a night.
Windang Island

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