USA May 2007

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18th May - Briefly severe storms in Colorado

Las Vegas
Las Vegas, New Mexico - not the gambling city Very weak storms over front range
small extinct volvano
Colorado Springs storm
Small extinct volcanic cone -Colorado Developing storm near Colorado Springs, was briefly severe warned for large hail.
Colorado Springs
Storm dying
Back end of  storm near Colorado Springs Storm has weakened - between Colorado Springs amd Limon
Limon Limon
Another weak storm develops near Limon, Colorado Sunset makes the storm base appear more ominous than it was
Lone CG
Lone CG ( cloud - ground ) ligning strike from the Limon storm ( non clickable video still )

19th May -  Wyoming  mediorce storms

Casper Sheridan
Near Casper, Wyoming Storms near Sheridan, Wyoming, starting to show a hint of severe development
Sheridan Sheridan
Storm is now close to dropping hail Storm  moves east into an area with no roads
Near Sheridan, Wyoming

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