USA May 2007

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22nd May - Tonadic Supercell, Kansas

first supercell
First cumulus towers break the cap around 4pm at Hoxie, Kansas First distinct supecell develops 30 minutes later
Anvil from the first supercell Looking west towards the dryline storms ( both supercells )
Tail end charlie anvil
Although impressive the rotating updraft base of this storm is being starved by a larger storm further south
The huge anvil from 'tail end charlie ' ( southern most storm in line and often the most severe )
Developing mesocyclone
Developing mesocyclone ( rotating storm updraft )
Rotation tightens 
Structure Mothership
Classic 'mothership' structure
Tornado is immenent Small tornado
Tornado is not far off as wall cloud almost touches the ground Small tornado at last
Tornado Decaying updraft
Tornado, note oil pump lower right Tornado has lifted and decaying updraft passes in front of me, I choose not to drive immediately into it, but others did.
Hayes, Kansas Hayes, Kansas
I follow the storm into the night to Hayes, Kanasa. Tornado sirens are screaming at this stage . It is night, yet almost constant lightning produces photos like twilight.
Hayes Hayes
Hayes Hayes
Hayes Hayes

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