USA May 2007

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23rd May - HP Supercell - Texas Panhandle

Typical mid west small town - Kinsley, Kansas The buildings are not leaning, it is just  lens distortion through use of wide angle
Grain silo
Dodge City
Old Grain silo, I assume Entrance to Dodge City. Kansas
Larverne Supercell
Explosive supercell  near Woodward, Oklahoma
I track the supercell NE, it is tornado warned and the wall cloud is rotating madly, yet it fails to produce a tornado......
Large hail
HP Supercell does however produce large hail
I leave the first storm behind and head south to intercept this large HP ( High Precipitation ) Supercell. The cloud feature you can see along the bottom is an inflow band - warm moist air been sucked rapidly into the storm
HP Supercell Wall Cloud
Massive HP supercell - this storm dumped 4-6ins of hail and rain and may have contained a large wedge tornado  - unconfirmed, but reports Close up of Wall Cloud region
HP Supercell HP Supercell
Storm is showing signs of weakening
Ouflow dominated Ouflow
At dusk as storm becomes outflow dominated, I allow it to pass ahead of me Although weakening, this storm is still dangerous with possible large hail and strong straight line winds
Hp Supercell
The tail lights are all other storm chasers .

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