Altostratus ( As ), Altocumulus ( Ac )

Altocumulus - the streak through the middle was possibly caused by a plane. ( Warilla Beach, NSW )

Altocumulus undulatus.

( Sydney, NSW )

Altocumulus can sometimes cover many hundreds of square kilometres. ( Warilla Beach, NSW )

Altocumulus Lenticularis, possibly Stratocumulus Lenticularis as height is borderline. ( Warilla Beach, NSW )

Altostratus - Warilla Beach, NSW

Altostratus with virga. ( Lake Illawarra, NSW )

A mixed lot. Altostratus on the highest level, the middle cloud is Altocumulus Undulatus with some lenticular properties, this cloud was also iridescence to the naked eye, but did not survive the camera lens. The lowest cloud is stratocumulus. ( Lake Illawarra, NSW

Altocumulus with virga, can be mistaken for Cirrus. ( Warilla Beach, NSW ).

Altostratus mammatus. ( Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, Vic )

A large lenticular Altocumulus. Often found on the lee side of mountains during strong winds, as was the case here. Mt Warrigal, NSW