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Mount Warrigal
19th February 2013 - Lake Illawarra, NSW
Mount Warrigal
26th January 2013 - Lake Bathurst, Southern Tablelands, NSW
Mount Warrigal
30th Novemberr 2012 - Lake Illawarra, NSW
Mount Warrigal
27th Novemberr 2012 - Forbes, NSW
Mount Warrigal
27th - 28th September 2012 - Mount Warrigal - Windang, NSW
18th September 2012 - Warilla Beach
18th January 2012 - Mittagong, NSW
29th November 2011 - Parkes, Central West, NSW

MM Beach
 29 October 2011 - Port Kembla
Lake Illawarra
17th February 2011 - Lake Illawarra
Warilla Beach
5th June 2010 - A couple of nice positive bolts offshore Warilla Beach
Windang Island
25th April 2010 - Only the one shot this evening.
Warilla Beach
12th January 2010 - Warilla Beach, NSW
Mount Warrigal
5th January 2010 - Mount Warrigal, NSW
Warilla Beach
26th November 2009 - Spring 2009 shaped to be one of the most storm barren I can recall in 30 years of chasing weather,. In desperation I sheltered under the tail gate of my car and managed one shot from the weak storm at Warilla Beach.
Home Spring 2009
6th October 2009  - Late at night, rain falling...wait a minute... why don't I just setup the tripod at a window...and it worked.
Mount Warrigal
24th June 2009 - Lake Illawarra, NSW
Mount Warrigal
23rd March 2009 - Mount Warrigal, NSW
Mount Warrigal
22nd  March 2009 - Mount Warrigal, NSW
Mount Warrigal
14th March 2009 - Mount Warrigal, NSW. A quick moving squally storm with little lightning - I had a small 10 minute window from when the storm moved off the mountains to when taking images  was rained out. This was the only shot worth posting.
Warilla Beach
13th March 2009 - Warilla Beach, NSW
20th January 2009 - Gerringong - Lake Illawarra, NSW
Lake Illawarra
29th November 2008 - Lake Illawarra, NSW
Gerringong NSW
27th May 2008 - Gerringong - Kiama, NSW
Wollongong NSW
29th March 2008 - Wollongong, NSW
Offshore lightning
26th March 2008 - Offshore lightning show - Illawarra Coast, NSW
Barrack Point, NSW
20th March 2008 - Shellharbour, NSW
Macquarie Pass
21st November 2007 - Another one shot special - taken on sunset at Macquarie Pass
Near Goulburn, NSW
12th January 2008 - Southern Tablelands, NSW
South of Goulburn, NSW
18th November 2007 - South of Goulburn ,NSW
Lake Illawarra lightning
29th October 2007 - Only  one picture before the rain arrives.
Hays, Kansas
USA Storm Chasing - 22nd May 2007, Hays, Kansas
South Dakota Lightning
USA Storm Chasing - 20 May 2007 - Near Belle Fourche, Montana
Picton, NSW
4th March 2007
Kangaroo Valley lightning
22nd February 2007
A 45 min drive to intercept a storm - too late as only very isolated anvil crawlers were left - Kangaroo Valley, NSW
Windang Bridge
10th February 2007
Barrack Point NSW
12th January 2007
Another one shot wonder, the only bolt from a dying storm - Barrack Point NSW
MM Beach
15th August 2006
Only one picture taken near an industrial port and steel mill - hence the bright colours in the quickly passing clouds
Mid Winter Storm
23rd July 2006
MM Beach
18th February 2006
Bungundore, NSW

27th January 2006
Lightning over Sydney
21st November 2005

13th October 2005

2nd February 2005

14th January 2005

13th December 2004

6th - 8th December 2004

1st November 2004

Col Pool sparks lightning

4th September 2004

Barrack Point NSW

3rd September 2004

Warilla Beach

22nd August 2004

Warilla Beach

1st August 2004. A combination of a full moon and very infrequent lightning was a challenge. Photoshop used to darken scene.

Lake Illawarra

7th May 2004

Warilla Beach

28th January 2004

Nowra, NSW

21st January 2004

Lake Illawarra

4th January 2004

Barrack Point

25th October 2003


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